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Green Endorsement for 615 Instructor

Lt Matt Winwood RN was presented with a Green Endorsement by the Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshall Sir Andrew Pulford at a dining in night in Daedalus Officers' Mess RAFC Cranwell on 22nd March 2014.  Green Endorsements are very rare and only awarded to aircrew who display 'exceptional flying skill or judgement in handling an aircraft emergency or rescue situation’.

Lt Winwood was flying with a Gliding Induction Course cadet on 28th September 2013 when the cable failed to detach from his aircraft at the top of the launch, due to it having been incorrectly attached to the mechanism on the underside of the fuselage.  The winch driver operated the guillotine resulting in approximately 800 feet of cable remaining attached to the underside of the aircraft.  Lt Winwood calmly recovered the aircraft back to the airfield safely and expeditiously, and for this was awarded this prestigious flight safety award.



615VGS now part of 2FTS

Delivery of RAF Air Cadet’s national gliding – which involves the world’s largest fleet of gliders – today switches to the command of the newly reformed No.2 Flying Training School (No. 2 FTS).  The school becomes a new centre of excellence in which young people can win their wings – often before they pass their driving test.

With its headquarters at RAF Syerston in Nottinghamshire, No. 2 FTS will oversee the gliding training programme for up to 45,000 air cadets aged 13-19.  With 25 volunteer gliding squadrons around the UK, it provides training for the Air Training Corps’ 1,000 squadrons and 203 Combined Cadet Force (RAF) Sections in schools.



A Busy Summer

615 has continued a strong operational performance throughout the summer, taking advantage of the (mostly!) good weather and longer days.  Already this year, 615 has provided over 500 Gliding Induction Courses to cadets from across London and the South East of England, and delivered over 50 Gliding Scholarship courses to trainees from all over the country.  We hope to continue this strong performance in towards the less predictable Autumn and Winter months, and look forward to seeing your unit or squadron down at RAF Kenley soon!




Success on the July Course

The end has come to a very successful GS course at RAF Kenley.  Great weather for most of the week allowed for excellent progress for all.  The 12 GS trainees who arrived 9 days ago have gone solo, and 3 staff cadets have completed their Advanced Glider Training (AGT).  Added to this, a new G2 was awarded today to CGI John Harrison.


615 Retain Sir Arthur Marshall Trophy

The CO's conference was held at RAFC Cranwell during the weekend of 23-24 March 2013.  This two day event is a chance for COs and Tech Officers to catch up with the latest state of the nation from higher command, and also for the annual trophies to be awarded to the best Sqns within the Air Cadet Gliding Organisation.  


615 VGS were very proud to have retained the Sir Arthur Marshall Trophy which is awarded to the best overall Viking squadron.  This was achieved against a backdrop of poor weather for much of the early part of the year, and the Olympics which caused operations to cease from RAF Kenley for a whole month during one of our peak periods of operation.  Many thanks to all staff who made this possible.


AM Trophy