615 News Archive

OC 3FTS visits 615

In the course of his plan to visit all the VGS's, OC 3FTS Gp Capt John Cunningham called in to 615VGS and familiarised himself with the 615 Estate and idiosyncrasies of operating from the unique site that is RAF Kenley, the only VGS within the M25, OC 615 took him for a couple familiarisation flights so he could see the operating environment and the view of London.


His visit coincided with the end of the week long residential GS course, a week that was plagued with unseasonable poor weather, however the, the commitment and perseverance of the 615 staff turned what could have been a complete wash out into a successful week resulting in 9 GS Awards being made. Grp Cpt Cunningham present the GS students with their wings and certificates and gave a brief on the current state of play for the Cadets and VGS's.