615 News Archive

A Successful Summer

615 VGS has had another successful summer in 2012 in spite of the the challenge of being shutdown for 4 weeks due to the Olympic airspace restrictions.  The first summer course in July suffered from some of the worst weather we have ever had for our end of July course, but the squadron still managed to achieve 5 GS Solo, 1 GS Non-Solo, and an AGT.


615 staff spent a week on detachment at the beginning of August at the Scottish Gliding Union site at Portmoak, just north of Edinburgh, where everyone got the opportunity to use the unique conditions to try ridge soaring, an opportunity not afforded at Kenley.


The second summer course in August was a great success also.  12 GS Solo, 1 GS Non-Solo, and 1 AGT was the result of a lot of hard work by all the squadron staff.  September sees us running three day weekend ops with field days on the Fridays, to make up the lost ground from the Olympics stand down.