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Green Endorsement for 615 Instructor

Lt Matt Winwood RN was presented with a Green Endorsement by the Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshall Sir Andrew Pulford at a dining in night in Daedalus Officers' Mess RAFC Cranwell on 22nd March 2014.  Green Endorsements are very rare and only awarded to aircrew who display 'exceptional flying skill or judgement in handling an aircraft emergency or rescue situation’.

Lt Winwood was flying with a Gliding Induction Course cadet on 28th September 2013 when the cable failed to detach from his aircraft at the top of the launch, due to it having been incorrectly attached to the mechanism on the underside of the fuselage.  The winch driver operated the guillotine resulting in approximately 800 feet of cable remaining attached to the underside of the aircraft.  Lt Winwood calmly recovered the aircraft back to the airfield safely and expeditiously, and for this was awarded this prestigious flight safety award.